Dear Mama,
I know you’re well.
I know you’re happy.
I know you’re strong.
I hope heaven is as beautiful as Bible states.

It’s been a year on without you,
So here comes a year’s report,
Since you’re not here to update us as usual,
I’ll take the time to do you the honors,

Eugenia grows well with each passing day,
Beauty and brains becomes her,
Daddy is strong and well,
Age is dealing him a good hand,
Your grandchildren keep asking for ‘nana’,
They really are a lively bunch,

Your place in our lives is still vacant,
But God has been good to us,
His love assures us that you’re in a better place,
Looking down and smiling at your beautiful family,

We strive each day to be the best we can,
Knowing very well that it’s all you ever wanted for us,
It’s not been a walk in the park without you,
But be proud because you trained us well,

The little things remind us of you,
And so we hold on to very fond memories,
It’s been a rather different year without you,
But in all things we give thanks to God,
So look down on us and be happy,
Because all we want to do is make you proud.

And so as I dot my Is and cross my Ts,
And bring this year’s report to an end,
Never forget that you’re sorely missed,
But we remember you with goofy smiles on our faces,
And eyes welling up with unshed tears,
Greetings to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
Until next year, Akweley Tina…

Best regards and love,
Your daughter.

Naa Ofoliwah