66-665867_two-people-love-emotion-togetherness-positive-emotion-romanceI have no regrets,
I have no doubts,
Not even second thoughts,
Because I know our decision to love and be loved is final.

It’s hard for you to show,
Yet your love for me shines so bright in your eyes,
You bare your soul to me so we remain strong together.

The sound of your laughter is music to my ears,
And the sight of your smile brightens up my world,
As your dimples deepen and your eyes twinkle with a gleam of mischief.

With you I’m shy but strong
Confident but humble
On your shoulders I learn to rise.
Never in competition with me but always competing for me.

You fight for me in every way possible
You make me smile at every opportunity you get,
And anything that brings tears to my eyes you drive away.

You hold my hand to seek God,
And in togetherness we find Him,
Trusting that in Him our lives are secured,
We know that our triangle of love is complete.
Naa Ofoliwah