Today I heard the birds chirping,
Today I listened as the wind blew,
As I felt a sense of awakening rush through me,
A resurrection of sorts.

As the light rushed through me,
And I felt the blood course through my veins anew,
I experienced a deeper appreciation for my immediate surroundings,
I acknowledged the beauty that all of life has to offer.

I stopped to look at the greens and trees,
Like really look and connect with what I see,
A deep sensation of serendipity became obvious,
And I wondered how I’d never seen this all along.

In the stillness I learnt to appreciate life,
The silent whispers of the wind,
Extolling its Creator with praise,
The vibrant music of the birds,
Reiterating the Maker’s story to all.

I saw life all around me,
As the bees buzzed from flower to flower,
I saw God all around me,
As the wind whistled and the trees danced,
I felt God within me,
As I experienced this deep sensation of awakening. Again.

Naa Ofoliwah.