20200603_094419Wishful thinking,
Of the ones lost to eternal rest,
As we thrive on in life,
Overwhelmed with the loss,
And the sharp nails of pain and grief clawing away at our hearts.

They were here today,
Close enough to hold,
Near enough to touch and feel,
Alive with an earth shattering smile,
The tinkling of the voice with laughter,

But then in a moment,
Everything just goes silent,
Nothing can be seen,
And nothing can be felt,
Save the pain and anguish,
And the deep drawn breath of us who remain.

Up at night counting our losses,
The earth has lost treasures,
Vacuums have been left in our hearts,
But heaven rejoices over and over again,
Because what we count as losses are heaven’s gains.

We lay awake at night,
As we yearn for the touch of a mother,
The embrace of a father,
Just to hear the melodious laughter of a son,
Just one more moment to hear and feel,
But then, all we get is silence.

Naa Ofoliwah