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Alive Again! — June 3, 2020

Alive Again!


Today I heard the birds chirping,
Today I listened as the wind blew,
As I felt a sense of awakening rush through me,
A resurrection of sorts.

As the light rushed through me,
And I felt the blood course through my veins anew,
I experienced a deeper appreciation for my immediate surroundings,
I acknowledged the beauty that all of life has to offer.

I stopped to look at the greens and trees,
Like really look and connect with what I see,
A deep sensation of serendipity became obvious,
And I wondered how I’d never seen this all along.

In the stillness I learnt to appreciate life,
The silent whispers of the wind,
Extolling its Creator with praise,
The vibrant music of the birds,
Reiterating the Maker’s story to all.

I saw life all around me,
As the bees buzzed from flower to flower,
I saw God all around me,
As the wind whistled and the trees danced,
I felt God within me,
As I experienced this deep sensation of awakening. Again.

Naa Ofoliwah.

Deep Silence —

Deep Silence

20200603_094419Wishful thinking,
Of the ones lost to eternal rest,
As we thrive on in life,
Overwhelmed with the loss,
And the sharp nails of pain and grief clawing away at our hearts.

They were here today,
Close enough to hold,
Near enough to touch and feel,
Alive with an earth shattering smile,
The tinkling of the voice with laughter,

But then in a moment,
Everything just goes silent,
Nothing can be seen,
And nothing can be felt,
Save the pain and anguish,
And the deep drawn breath of us who remain.

Up at night counting our losses,
The earth has lost treasures,
Vacuums have been left in our hearts,
But heaven rejoices over and over again,
Because what we count as losses are heaven’s gains.

We lay awake at night,
As we yearn for the touch of a mother,
The embrace of a father,
Just to hear the melodious laughter of a son,
Just one more moment to hear and feel,
But then, all we get is silence.

Naa Ofoliwah

When I see you… — March 11, 2020

When I see you…

66-665867_two-people-love-emotion-togetherness-positive-emotion-romanceI have no regrets,
I have no doubts,
Not even second thoughts,
Because I know our decision to love and be loved is final.

It’s hard for you to show,
Yet your love for me shines so bright in your eyes,
You bare your soul to me so we remain strong together.

The sound of your laughter is music to my ears,
And the sight of your smile brightens up my world,
As your dimples deepen and your eyes twinkle with a gleam of mischief.

With you I’m shy but strong
Confident but humble
On your shoulders I learn to rise.
Never in competition with me but always competing for me.

You fight for me in every way possible
You make me smile at every opportunity you get,
And anything that brings tears to my eyes you drive away.

You hold my hand to seek God,
And in togetherness we find Him,
Trusting that in Him our lives are secured,
We know that our triangle of love is complete.
Naa Ofoliwah

While we’re waiting… — January 29, 2019

While we’re waiting…

Your life may not be so different from mine,

Our problems may somewhat be quite similar,
My trials and yours may intertwine,
But in all there is but One thing.

You might be at your wits end,
Wondering every single day when it’s all gonna end,
Trying hard to keep your smile straight,
Saying oh heavens in all things I’ll wait.

My life may not be so different from yours,
We might even share the same flaws,
But imagine this, we share the same God too,
And all that He’s said He’ll surely do.

Keep up the faith and never look back,
Strengthen your hope with prayer and praise,
Knowing that our God is forever faithful,
We’ll keep on and never look back.

Naa Ofoliwah


My Center —

My Center

After the crowds have thinned out,
And the shattering applauses have died down,
After the seats have been emptied and the lights have gone out,
There I am alone with my thoughts and fears,
Let me always come back to my center.

In the dark when depression overwhelms me,
When my eyes and thoughts are blinded by sentiments,
When tears have brought me down to my knees,
And it seems that I’m utterly hopeless,
Let me always come back to my center.

Let me always acknowledge You as the piece,
That single piece that firmly holds me together,
That in my agitation I have Your peace,
And You’ll always be my center.

Teach me to continually draw from my Source,
My never diminishing source of good things,
Teach me to always come back to You Lord,
Resting, abiding and living, stabilised in my center.

Naa Ofoliwah

Nostalgia — November 19, 2018


A whirl of sentiments,
The gush of emotions,
Feeling so dark and grim,
Looking for light at the end of the tunnel.

The flickering of a candle light,
Depicts how fragile life can be,
Today here lively and fiery,
Tomorrow gone in the eerie silence.

A feeling of loss,
Clinging on to shreds of memories,
What could have been that wasn’t,
The jagged pieces of broken hearts,
The betrayal, the hurt and the pain,
Left alone with my thoughts and regrets.

That feeling of loss,
The nostalgic sentiments,
The what ifs and maybes,
The things done that can’t be undone,
The ultimate feeling of love and life,
Slipping through the fingers like sea sand.

Naa Ofoliwah

For Mama — November 5, 2018

For Mama

Dear Mama,
I know you’re well.
I know you’re happy.
I know you’re strong.
I hope heaven is as beautiful as Bible states.

It’s been a year on without you,
So here comes a year’s report,
Since you’re not here to update us as usual,
I’ll take the time to do you the honors,

Eugenia grows well with each passing day,
Beauty and brains becomes her,
Daddy is strong and well,
Age is dealing him a good hand,
Your grandchildren keep asking for ‘nana’,
They really are a lively bunch,

Your place in our lives is still vacant,
But God has been good to us,
His love assures us that you’re in a better place,
Looking down and smiling at your beautiful family,

We strive each day to be the best we can,
Knowing very well that it’s all you ever wanted for us,
It’s not been a walk in the park without you,
But be proud because you trained us well,

The little things remind us of you,
And so we hold on to very fond memories,
It’s been a rather different year without you,
But in all things we give thanks to God,
So look down on us and be happy,
Because all we want to do is make you proud.

And so as I dot my Is and cross my Ts,
And bring this year’s report to an end,
Never forget that you’re sorely missed,
But we remember you with goofy smiles on our faces,
And eyes welling up with unshed tears,
Greetings to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
Until next year, Akweley Tina…

Best regards and love,
Your daughter.

Naa Ofoliwah

The Journey Begins — November 2, 2018
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